A multi-zone heating and cooling system provides numerous benefits.  Let the professionals from Royal Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning customize your control over the temperature of your home, allowing comfort to be tailored to individual preferences while significantly trimming monthly utility bills.  Our NATE-certified technicians design zoned HVAC systems to perfectly suit our customers in the Denver Metro area.  A series of thermostats and dampers manage the climate in targeted rooms or zones, eliminating the need to condition empty spaces and answering the challenges of spaces that require more intense heating or cooling.

Professional HVAC Zoning Control Service

Zoning is the ideal option for new furnace or air conditioning installation, system upgrades, as well as existing HVAC equipment.  While this innovative feature is a significant investment, the energy savings results in quick recovery and long-term value.  According to the Department of Energy, a zoned system can trim 30% from energy expenses.  Contact Royal Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning for further information and helpful recommendations.  Family owned and operated, we specialize in the challenges of everyday life, providing simple and rewarding solutions throughout Lakewood, Highlands Ranch, Littleton & Centennial, CO.

Some of the many benefits of HVAC Zoning Control include:

  • Superior Comfort: Rather than maintain the entire home at a single temperature, you control specific zones or rooms, setting each independently, and answering to personal preferences or requirements.
  • Energy Savings: Target conditioning to those rooms that are in use, trimming energy use and cutting utility bills by approximately 30%.
  • Modern Convenience: A series of thermostats provides easier access, without the need to walk to a single, centrally-located control.  Features such as remote control, enables adjustment from wherever you happen to be.